Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brow Power

Eyebrows. One of the most difficult steps of my make up routine. It's a 'sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't' kind of situation.
With that in mind I would like to talk about my most used brow products. I know this may be an unknown territory to some people (I was kind of late on the bandwagon as well), but it makes such a difference when you've got an even brow worked out.

There are three products I've been using as of late. I've used pencils in the past, but they are not my favorite way of working out my brows lately. Now I'm more into a quick application that works.

Benefit's gimme brow

Talking about quick application, this is the way to go. It's a tinted brow gel with extra fibers to make your eyebrows appear fuller. The brush is very small, making it easy to apply in a very precise manner.
You do still have to be careful while applying this, though - too much pressure and you have a darker patch - but it's very effective. Ofcourse, I got naturally light eyebrows, so it may be easier for you when you've got darker eyebrows. I just need this colour since I've died my hair dark brown. 

Catrice's eyebrow filler

When I saw this, I immediatly thought of it as a dupe for the benefit one. It has the same idea behind it, the only difference being that the brush on this one is a lot bigger. By that I mean three or four times the size of the small, precise benefit one. But to my surprise, it really wasn't too difficult to apply this. It's less pigmented, so I have to worry less about darker patches, but then again it's not as dark as the other one, so it doesn't adapt my brows to my hair as much. I really wish they come out with a darker shade soon (they have come out with a lighter one since I bought it!) so I can see how it compares then.

The Body Shop's brow & liner kit and Catrice's lash & brow designer

Last but certainly not least: my trusty ol' brow powder and clear gel. This was my first stray away from the pencil-path, and my go-to on days I want my best brows. Nothing much to say about it, though. It's a powder you put in your brows. That's it. For me at least, because it's originally intended to be a liner as well. With that in mind, I can see the use of the black powder in there, but I very rarely use it.
To go with it is this very standard brow gel. You can use it on your lashes on no make up days (to just hold a curl), but it's great for it's eyebrow-holding purpose. When you take it out, there's a perfect amount of gel left on the brush so you won't be left with crusty eyebrows.

Ofcourse, I do not only use the clear gel on top of my powder, but also my tinted gels. Just depends on my mood!

Have you ever tried one of these products before? What is your favorite brow product?

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