Sunday, 7 September 2014

new in: essence autumn specials

On my most recent trip to Kruidvat I saw that there was a small new display for the new essence autumn goodies, as well as some other new launches. I picked up two of the autumn launches (one of them being a colour adapting blush!) and one mascara I just got swooned by. I mean... Look at those curves! I feel like a very seductive lady just stared into my eyes and gave this mascara to me.

Let's start out with the eyeshadow palette. There was another one, but I've been searching for a nice green eyeshadow and I thought this was a good one to try out. Let's start with saying that there really wasn't a lot of pigmentation with these shades... The lightest shade especially was just a bunch of glitter. It can be used as a inner-corner shimmer, but I still had to build it up quite a bit. I actually had to build up all of the other shades as well to get to the exact colour I wanted and it only worked for the lighter shades. The darker, green ones where a lot more difficult to get to that exact green coulour they had in the palette. What a shame.

upper: one swatch
lower: build up

The darkest colour I found very dissapointing. It was extremely beautiful in the palette, a black shade with different coloured glitters in it, but it seems that none of these glitters transfered onto the lid. I think I'll try this one wet later and see how it transfers then.

Next up; The colour-adapting blush!

I was really interested when I saw this product and after swatching it and seeing it transform on my own hands, I really wanted to try it out. I was a bit afraid of the glitters in the blush and the fact it is a powder blush (I usually use creams), but no need to be afraid of those factors! The glitters didn't transfers as much so that I wasn't a freshly polished disco ball and it also didn't really cake up.
The true downside of this blush, was , however interesting it sounds, the colour adapting aspect of it. I found it really difficult to not over apply it. I'd put it on and carry on with the rest of  my make-up, and when I'd take a step back to inspect my face I'd have momentary heart-attack when I'd see how pink my face had become. I guess it's just something you have to get used to and apply a little amount when you start and when you've finished the rest of your make-up, you can maybe add some more.

And what about the lash princess mascara? I actually think it's really enjoyable for it's price! Of course it's not as good as a 'clinique' or a 'lancome', but you get my drift... The formula is a bit dryer, so it does really provide some volume and a little bit of extra length. I don't think it's too clumpy if you wiggle it well.
I did notice it losing some of it's volume and length during the day, but it doesn't leave black spots on your face.
I've also tested it out on my lower lashes (and the sun did make my eyes water that day), and it did smudge a little, but not to say that I became a full on panda. just a little bit that can easily be taken of.
The brush is bendy and has bristles of different lengths, which I like. The longer ones get you upper lashes really well and the shorter ones get a nice hold on the smaller lower lashes .

Have you seen the new essence range? And did anyone ever hear of an colour adapting blush before?

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