Thursday, 11 September 2014

Feeling wild: mini TIGER haul!

Hello everyone! So I went to a special sunday opening of wijnegem shoppingcenter (I went extra early because I wanted the goodiebag. I'm like that) and I went into one of my favorite stores of all time there: Flying Tiger, a.k.a. Tiger!

I always hear Estée (#essiebuttoneffect!!) talk about Tiger and I thought that we didn't have a store like that in Belgium. Until I found out it's the same as flying tiger! I have no idea why it can't be just tiger here, but I'm happy anyway!

As you can see when I say mini haul, I really mean it. I only popped in for something I saw last time but they didn't have anymore, so I just bought some random stuff. An oven mitt, because I finally have a very small kitchen of my own, a pencil case, because I'm almost going back to studying, some post-it notes, to eliminate as much of my forgetfulness as possible, and ofcourse you can't go inside of a scandinavian store without buyin Läkerol... At least when they've got a non-licorice version of it. Otherwise I'm not really a fan...

Just a small update today, but There's more to come! A fall theme is on it's way...

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