Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn nailpolishes

In a few weeks (less than two!), autumn will be rolling in with a whirlwind of brown-golden leaves and the smell of crisp forest walks. Yes, autumn is my absolute favourite season of them all. So in honour of that I thought I'd do soms autumn-oriented posts. First of all: Autumn nailpolishes!

I've chosen the polishes mainly for their colour, the kind of autumn-y mood they put me in. I have to say, I do not only wear these during autumn, I rock them all year 'round! I just wanted to make a selection of the colours that screamed 'autumn' to me.
(side note: I have terrible nails, nailpolishes don't stay as long on my nails as on 'normal' people's nails because mine are so brittle)

First of all: Wicked by Essie
I love this colour because it's just a very dark, brown-toned red.It's literally autumn on your nails. The formula is really nice as well, I have two to three days of full, non-chip wear with them. It's a rather 'edgy' nail polish, and I imagine it being my most worn one for the next few months. I love me a dark nail polish.

When I might be in the mood for something a little lighter, I'd go for Bordeaux by Revlon (from their parfumerie range). It's a wine coloured nail polish, but a little lighter than wine. It's a really unique shade and I absolutely love it .It's also my most recent purchase, so I'm still rather obsessed with it.
A really nice touch to this nail polish, is the fact that it smells like candy. When I first bought it I thought it would smell like wine (because of it's name and colour), but I've learned a lot since then.
I can't say a lot about the wear, because I have only worn it once, but it already survived two days before I wanted to switch to another colour. I've got nail polish commitment issues...

Another kind of shade that's a lot more playful, less grown up is Watermelon by Barry M (from the gelly range). I know, it's name doesn't really add to the autumn spirit, but I just think it's a nice colour that keeps in the fall spirit, but it's something else, this greenish-blue polish. I actually think it's a colour you can wear all year around and you won't get sick of it!
Formula-wise, it's alright, if you keep in mind the state of my nails. Yes, they chip more easily than an essie nail polish, but it's still nice for it's price! Freestyle poetry aside, I really like it.

To keep in the green spirit, I'll talk about a more high-end nail polish, and it's laughin' to the bank by Deborah Lippmann. Did I hesistate before I bought this baby... Being more than 20 euros and one of my first high-end purchases, it felt real good and nerve-wrecking when I walked to the counter with this clutched in my palms. And I do not regret it. I think it's a festive fall colour, being a dark, glittery green (I call this my nori/sushi nail polish).
It applies heavenly, only one coat needed, and stays on my nails for at least three to four days! I bet it stays for over a week when your nails are in good condition... I think this will be a personal favorite for a very long time.

And last but not least, a (kinda) nude colour for those days you just don't feel like wearing dark nail polish: Chinchilly by Essie. This is a smaller version you get in the starter kit (with a base and top coat), and it's so cute!
It's a taupe-ish grey colour, which is just perfect for my more humble side. In autumn, I'm never really in the mood to wear light, pastel nail colours and at times like that (and I,again, don't want a dark look on my nails that day) I like to bust this one out.
The formula is the same as the other essie nail polish, two to three days non-chip!

Do you have a certain favorite autumn nail polish? Care to share?
I really have to try and stop being so 'poetic'...

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