Thursday, 4 September 2014

Maybelline double ended mascara

I wasn't always a lower-lash mascara kind of gal, I only started wearing it less than a year ago, but I've since then struggled to find a nice mascara for this area. So when I came across this one I thought I'd give it a go. I did buy some maybelline mascaras in the past and I've always had mixed feelings about them, but you never know until you try, right?

I mainly bought it for the convenient lower lash brush, but I thought the upper one looked nice as well. And it was nice, only I didn't like the formula of this mascara for my upper lashes. It dried super fast and a bit too stiff for my liking. I guess that's nice when you need a mascara to hold your curl all day, but my lashes are naturally curly so I don't really need stiff lashes. I also think that when the mascara dries in this manner, you end up with less volume or length and when you want to add a second layer you end up with more clumps.

Now, for the main reason I bought this mascara, the lower lash brush! I did like this brush, because of the small bristles it was a lot easier to get into all your tiny lashes. The only downside on a brush point of view was that it maybe was a bit too long, but that's a minor detail and wasn't too irritating. 
Formula-wise: I did like it better on my lower lashes. Because it dried so quickly they seperated nicely and I never put on a second coat, so I never struggled with it becoming too clumpy.
Another downside for me was that it did smudge on me... especially when my allergies came popping up like no other!

To put everything together: I didn't really like the upper lash brush because it was way too clumpy for me (I probably only used it once), but the lower mascara brush I use every day, despite the smudging. 

I do think I'm going to try to get my hands on the clinique lower lash mascara (you can't get it in Belgium) and see how it compares. Fingers crossed it's going to blow me away!