Sunday, 21 September 2014

My summer foundation

shade: Oatmeal

Summer. A word that brings me both happiness and anxiety. I love içt because it's the 'no more school for now'-season, but I hate it because I sometimes just lock myself into the house next to a fan, waiting for the heat to be over. Yet, in never ceases.
Good thing I don't live in a warmer climate.
On the odd day I do go out in the blazing sun I don't want a full coverage base on my face, because I'll just sweat that baby off in less than a minute. It's on days like this I opt for my Sleek New Skin Revive (€9.99) foundation.

It's in a glass bottle with a pump and I really like the design of it. Just a simple foundation bottle without trying to be too fancy. It's also not too bulky so it's very easy to travel aruond with. Not that the design of the foundation matters much if the product is good, but for me it's always a plus.

On the site they state that it's medium coverage, long-lasting, oil free (no pore-blocking) and it has an spf of 15.

after. As you can see the redness is no more and an even skintone has appeared!

I do like the coverage it gives, having the red-cheek issue. I use a shade with a yellow undertone to counteract this issue. They do say it's a buildable coverage, something I do not completely agree with. When your skin isn't very smooth and you put on another layer, I personally think it becomes more visible. But seeing as I've only worn this on days I don't want too much coverage, I rarely have the urge to build on more.

When you ask me if it's really that long lasting, I'd say yes, because it has survived on my face on those days as described above. Yes, I did get shiny, but my face gets incredibly oily even when it's not that hot and I don't sweat all day long. I yet have to find a foundation-powder combination to stop that from happening.

While I've been wearing this, I didn't experience major breakouts or my pores having a little party, they stayed just as they always are. So it doesn't really help them go away as well.

My overal opinion about this product is that I do really like it on my more natural days and that it feels great on the skin. I only really need to set it with a powder (as do I with all my other foundations...)

One thing I really like about this brand as well, is that they sell little samples of their foundations as well, so you can buy 5 shades in a certain shade category for only €3.49 and see which shade is your perfect match. They also have a great variety of shades (30!!) from extremely  pale to really deep and dark tones.
They also don't sell here in Belgium, but they offer worldwide delivery on their website!

Do you have a specific summer foundation or any other kind of base? Or do you have any tips for my battle with oiliness?

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