Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bourjois and their long lasting formulas

Once upon a time, I went into the drugstore, planning on only browsing the area. But then my eye caught something... an evil promotion! I decided on the spot I couldn't leave it there and had to save me some money! You know, stock up, so I'll buy less in the future, right? Right...
Fairytales aside, I recently bought two different bourjois lip products who both claim they have a long lasting formula and wanted to share my findings.

First up on my impulse-buy list: Rouge Edition Velvet in (07) Nude-ist. This Lip product claims to have a 24 hour wear. I'm rather sceptical about that and that's why I really wanted to try it out.
(I also heard some people rave about this product, extra curiosity!)

just applied

It's a pretty pink shade with a matte formula (as is the whole line), very easy to wear with different looks. When I first applied it, I was surprised by the texture, it was somehow... powdery. I know no other word to describe it as. It provided great coverage with one swipe of the doe-foot applicator and I didn't need to get into the tube for more. On the contrary, I tend to scrape some of the product off so I don't over-apply.

after lunch

Now, to get to the interesting part: the wear. Did it accomplish its 24h wear claims? I'm not too sure about that... When they tell me something like this, I want my lipstick to stay on at least during lunch. I can't say that it faded completely, but I did lose some of the colour. What I am pleased about, is that it faded gracefully. With that I mean that I didn't get a pink outline on my lips.
I also went out with a couple of friends later that day and had some drinks with them, and the colour didn't survive that...
Maybe it's just my lips who don't want to keep colour on them, but you tell me!

I also found the texture a little drying and not very comfortable, It also setlled in some lines I didn't know I had, so they must have been created right then and there...

All in all, I will keep using this product because it did wear nice, but not too much because my lips might just be lip balm addicts and can't handle the dryness of a long-wear matte formula.

The other lipstick I've tried out is the Rouge Edition 12 heures in (33) PĂȘche Cocooning. This was a buy I didn't plan on at all. I just needed something to get that deal... But I'm happy I did!

just applied

As you can see, the colour is very similar to the nude-ist one above, It's just a little more orange toned, but very subtle. A bit more... peachy, hence the name...
Bourjois has a lot of these kind of shades, and I was apparently in the mood for them.
This rambling aside, I really like this formula. As the name suggests, it's supposed to have a 12h-wear, which wasn't really true as well, but it did wear nicely though. After lunch (which included soup!), not much had dissappeared on me, and the part that did, did very gracefully so.

after lunch

The texture, again, was something else than all my other lipsticks. A lot softer and again, a bit powdery, but a lot less than the rouge velvets.
This formula is also way less drying and more comfortable to wear a whole day.

Safe to say that, out of the two, the rouge edition 12 heures is my favorite one for an everyday wear. I can't tell if I like it more to go out, because I didn't go out with my friends for some drinks with this baby on.

Have you tried these formulas yet?

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