Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Maybelline Matte

Even though we finally - kinda - are back in the season of pinks and corals - if only, I still love myself a dark red lip. I don't wear it very often, but I love the vibe it sends into the world and the edginess it adds to a look. Not to forget that you can almost skip everthing else but foudation and mascara and look extremely put together. Enough excuses as to why I'm now reviewing this Color Sensational Matte by Maybelline in the shade Divine Wine, let's get to it.

Tell me this isn't a beautiful shade. A dark red, purple/blue toned red. It's a shade that suits anyone. Ofcourse you've got to want to wear it outside, but that's a whole other thing. I personally don't wear reds that much anymore - though I should - because I don't want to be too dramatic on just casual school days.

I did wear this on some special occasions - or just days that were filled with more leisurely activities. So yes, I have an opinion. Let's start out by discussing application. The swatch above is a one-swiper. So you can see it's very pigmented and smooth. Just a teeny bit of patchiness, but I can easily forgive that. On my lips it applied smooth and needed a minimal amount of coats (two) to get the correct opacity and it felt smooth as butter.

That's something I really liked about this lipstick. It's a matte, but doesn't parch out my lips, doesn't apply patchy. It's lasting power, however, has been a bit compromised to get that effect. Because it's more hydrating, it doesn't lock onto my lips as other matte lipstick. It's one of those lipsticks that do need to be re-applied after dinner and do look a bit silly when you don't. Good thing this formula allows you to easily build upon itself! And when I just wear it during the day and drink some water, the lipstick doesn't go anywhere. I do pair it up with a lipliner to assure the staying power and don't feel like I have to look into a mirror every five minutes.

This product deserves a thumbs up in my opinion. I like it because my lips felt good while being fabulous and because it didn't go everywhere. It's not the best when you talk about staying power, but when paired with a good lipliner and a casual re-application after dinner, you're good to go.

Sofie x

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  1. This is such a pretty colour! I would be pretty pleased with that staying power, it sounds pretty typical of what I expect from lipsticks anyway, haha. I just bought a new lipstick last night, you've got me regretting not checking out Maybelline! Next time ;)


    1. I might be a bit demanding of my lipsticks :p And maybe it's one to look into for your next lipstick purchase next season ;p

      Sofie x