Friday, 5 June 2015

Nails Of The Night #10

Before we start: Excuse my sloppy application. It's apparentely the best I can do.
We're already on our 10th Nails Of The Night! Being a sporadic, not really planned out kind of post, that - to me - is an achievement! Hooray! And what better way to celebrate this happy moment than to talk about a toxic galaxy on my nails? Am I right?

Want to know what this beauty is called? It's Smoke and Ashes by China Glaze. A beautiful black nailpolish with tons of miniscule flecks of green glitter. I love this polish. It's super opaque after applying only one coat and it stays without chipping. Especially when combined with my favourite top and base coat - the Seche Vite top coat and the Orly color care nail strong.
The China Glaze polishes also claim to have a built-in hardener, which - in my eyes - is true.

Only downside? It was limited edition and no longer available. At first I thought it was discontinued, but after some more research I found out it was from the Hunger Games collection. Since I'm slightly obsessed with the Hunger Games, this fact makes it only a better polish in my eyes. You can, however, still buy it from Amazon or Ebay. Hooray!

I also found a similar style - meet me under the stars - on their website, but it looks like the glitter is a lot chunkier. But when you do want that smaller glitter, Black Diamond or Midtown Magic might be up your alley. I don't know for sure, ofcourse, since I'm only browsing their site and google for this information!

You know what? I might pick up some more of these China Glaze polishes. For research purposes only, ofcourse.

Sofie x

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