Thursday, 21 May 2015

Let's get artsy with some Watercolour Blush

Another product that has been 'hiding' in my stash for quite some time and finally decided to make an appearance on my blog; The Watercolour Liquid Blush by Daniel Sandler in the shade Cherub (doesn't that sound too cute?). It is one of those unique  products I'd been putting in and out of my virtual basket for a while and when I saw an offer, I didn't hesitate. Yay for sales!

I honestly thought I poured out one drop...
Yes, this is a fluid blusher, but no, it isn't meant to be used with an airbrush. Before you may think I do: I've got no experience with airbrushes at all. When at peace and resting, you can see there's some separation going on, but when shaked up - vigorously, as my little bottle tells me - it all combines together. You're then told to squeeze out one tiny little drop - something I yet have to master - and apply it with your fingers or the Waterbrush.
Or, if you're like and don't want to buy yet another (€20+) brush but find blending with your fingers too harsh on your delicate skin, just use something like the small stipple brush by e.l.f.

By the way, when they say fluid blusher, they mean it. As you can see above, it started running before I could take a decent picture. But hey, now I can properly show you is fluidity (is that even a word?).

Application wise, I really like this blusher. I'm always a bit scared because it looks so intense - when I pour out too much, ofcourse - but it blends out so easy and evenly that I'm less and less scared to use it.

The final result is very natural and longlasting on my pale-ish cheecks and even when my redness starts to show through at the end of the day, I'm not as bothered by it as with my more 'intense' blushes. It also contains some goodies like jojoba oil and vitamin E - which my skin can really use at the moment - so my cheecks stay hydrated and 'plump' for longer. 
The shade itself is great on pale skin like mine, but you can also use it if you're a bit darker than me because it's very buildable. Just don't use it on top of your powder. Trust me.

If you weren't able to tell by now; I really like this blush. I'm suprised I don't use it as often as I do, but I'll make a point of throwing it in my routine more often. I'll have to if I want to use this baby up, seeing a little goes a looong way...

If you're interested, I ordered it from feelunique. Keep an eye out for their sales!

Sofie x

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  1. Yaaaaas!! I've seen the Pixiwoo sisters use this!! Gorgeous! I applaud you on how much is gone already. ;D And that name is too cute hehe.

    1. If only it was true I went through that much :p the top left picture is before it was shaken and the top third is just see-through :p

    2. (third is probably an exaggertaion, but still :p)