Monday, 18 May 2015

Do they look real to you?

Another product that received a lot of praise and hype in the past, now put to the test by humble, little me. I've been eyeing up the They're Real! mascara by Benefit for over a year now - I think - and I have finally laid my hands on it in an 'everything-is-tester-sized' set. I have to say I was nervous to try this out because I didn't want to be dissapointed (Is this a sad thing to say?). But let's see how I truly got on with it.

As you know, I'm in my forever search for my perfect mascara, but no matter how many I've already tried, I still don't know the type of brush I prefer... But this brush looks magnificent, doesn't it? Very pointy - even on it's 'head', which is great for those 'hard-to-get-to' places.

I'll get to the point for you guys: I loved this mascara. I still don't know if I'll settle for this one - mainly because of the price - but I really loved the results I got out of it. My lashes looked longer, fuller and just plain intense.

Applied on upper AND lower lashes!
Having said that, I can state that this mascara probably isn't for the natural lashes kind of gal. Everyone will see you're wearing some heavy duty mascara. But that isn't a bad thing, right? Especially when you're getting a makeup addiction like me. Quit while you still can!

So will I rebuy? Maybe... This one is around €25 and I prefer to buy drugstore mascaras. Sadly, I haven't found one at that pricepoint that I like as much as the They're Real. I think Benefit is going to be one of those brands I'll be forever tempted by (remember my love for That Gal primer?), so I'll have to resist temptation from time to time...

Sofie x

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  1. Looks great on yo lashes!

    1. Ah! Don't tempt me to buy it again! ;p

  2. These look stunning - so need this


  3. You should try Too Faced Better then Sex mascara-it's formula is similar to Benefits but it goes on a bit more natural and I like the brush better!

    Xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

    1. I have been looking into that one for a while as well, but it isn't very easy to get here in Belgium (as in: not in stores), but maybe I'll place an order in the future :p thanks for the tip!