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Benefit Roundup: What I've tried so far

After a cheeckly little (bargain) purchase, I ended up with a lot of small-sized Benefit products. Happy Sofie. The perfect opportunity to test those products out I'd been wanting for a long time and get to know some I didn't really pay any attention to. I also had one product from Benefit already in my stash, the Hoola bronzer, so let me give you an overview of those things I've already used.

Make up
Hoola bronzer - €33.20

A matte bronzer that not too dark or too light. I've used this one a lot as a contour in the past, but now that I'm using another product for that (and don't do it that much anymore), I found that maybe it tends to apply too much at once and that it's still slightly too dark for my skintone. But I can still work it as a more 'summer is here' bronzer - with a light hand. It's got a lovely texture and blends out wonderfully.

Ultra plush lip gloss - €17.60

These ones I don't get along with very well. There's one shade that I really love - Fauxmance - one that's okay - the Dandelion inspired one (still available in Belgium but not on their website) - and one that's just a no go for me - A-lister. The reason I don't get along with that one is probably because it's too light for my lipcolour and could still be great when worn on top of a fitting lipstick. But I don't really do that.
Fauxmance on the other hand is a great lipgloss! It's pigmented, moisturising and stays on my lips well enough for a lip gloss. Dandelion is nice but nothing I'd really gravitate towards on the daily. Also very moisturising though.

"That Gal" - €30.15

I've talked about this babe in my last favourites, so I'll be quick. Still love it, but still think it's a bit too much money to spend on a primer. But my face looks so glowy and radiant!

Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer - €26.15

Another product love! It's pigmented, so it cancels every vein on my eyelid and really holds on onto my eyeshadows like it's got seperation issues. It fights any possible oily eyelids like a true warrior and a little goes a long way.
I don't think I can say one bad thing about it.

They're real lengthening mascara - €25.15

I did a whole post about this mascara as well (link). Still love this product as well - though it's running out already :( Well, I've got some other mascaras who are waiting to be tested.

BADgal lash volumizing mascara - €22.65

When you compare this mascara to the previous one, it's just not as impressive... I don't really notice it's volumising properties and actually think that it's a very natural-looking mascara (which, for some, isn't a bad thing). When I used it on my lower lashes, I really liked how it looked, but at the end of the day I noticed some good ol' smudging, something I don't want from a mascara you'd have paid over €20 for. They do have a BAGgal waterproof, but that brush is completely different, so I couldn't tell you if that one is better.

Total moisture facial cream - €40.20

This cream also featured in my last months favourites and I also still love it, though not as much as I did before. It's still very potent stuff that makes me glowy, but I'm not in the honeymoon stage anymore and it didn't help me out when I suffered from some major dryness last week. Our first fight, you could say.
After this experience, I don't think I'd buy the full size after this little baby runs out if I can find equal or even better products at the pharmacy for less.

It's potent! eye cream - €34.15

Eye cream is a difficult product for me to review, because the skin underneath my eyes isn't dry, nor oily or doesn't show any signs of aging - which is good when you're 20. I do want to get into the habbit of using it and I really enjoy using this one, but again, if I don't really have any problems and don't notice anything major (like the dissapearance of the blue sheen there), I'm not going to spend €30+ on something. But I can't tell you this product is bad.

That concludes my 'little' overview. I hope it was a bit helpfull if you're looking into Benefit's range and want to buy something. There are still some other products I haven't tried due to my skin's condition, but I'll write a post about them in the future!

Sofie x

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