Monday, 6 April 2015

Physician's formula mascara

It seems like a really long time since I've done a mascara review, doesn't it? Well, actually I have been testing out this baby since my last - disastrous - one. But let's leave things of the past in the past. Today I'm going to talk about the - take a deep breath - Organic Wear 100% Natural origin jumbo lash mascara by Physicians Formula.

Physicians formula hasn't been in Belgium for a long time and you can only find it at select DI stores, but it's one of those brands I heard so much about on youtube and especially this mascara has had so many good reviews I had to snatch it up as soon as I could. I was so eager to find out what all the fuss wwas really about. As you know my latest mascara experience wasn't that great (if you don't you can read that post here), so I tested this mascara for a long enough time to forget about the previous one and give you guys a good review.

Let's start out with the brush. It's a plastic, fat, stubby brush with short bristles and I like it. There are a lot of bristles so you can get between every single lash without too much hastle. This means that this mascara separates beautifully. I think it's really easy to work with this kind of brush.

The formula itself is nice as well. I think it's better than your usual drugstore mascara, providing definition and length, but not too much volume even though PF site claims that this mascara should volumise. Sometimes I think my lashes don't have the ability to get thicker and maybe that's the reason these kind of mascara's always leave me a bit dissapointed...

At the end of the day, I liked this mascara! Not only because it was such a relief after the last one, but also because it gave me beautiful, natural - yet dramatic, if that's even possible - lashes.

Have you tried this mascara? Or do you have any recommendations of mascaras you'd think I like?


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  1. I have tried this mascara and I think the only bad thing about it that it is not waterproof.

    Great review :)