Thursday, 26 March 2015

Remember that shampoo?

*sigh* shampoo... After reading dry shampoo post, you probably know that I am severely cutting down on shampoo time. Even more now that I've changed something about my hair that requires minimal washing. Every excuse to train my hair. But! I promised an in depth review of the Medavita Lissublime shampoo and mask in my february favourites, so here I am!

Since I featured this product in a favourites, you must think I love this product. And I do. But the more I've used this wonderful product, the more confused I get by it.

When I first started using this, I used it everytime I washed my hair. My hair felt so soft and hydrated that I became quickly addicted. But then I noticed that it also got greasy earlier than normal... That's when I decided to cut down my usage and change it up with another shampoo every other time I wash my hair.

How are you confused by this, I hear you think. All of the above really isn't that mindbreaking, right? I guess it's normal that you can't use a smoothing shampoo all by itself.
What confuses me is the process in which it smooths my hair. You know, the first time I tried this shampoo I thought it didn't smooth my hair at all. What happened was that during the time my hair was drying it got all frizzy and what not, but by the time it was all driep up -  I let my hair air dry most of the time - the frizz was gone! You tell me how this works, because I really don't know the science behind this process.

In the end, I'm a happy camper, because my hair looks and feels healthy, but also stays frizzless for quite some time. My fellow curly girls now how frustrating frizzyness can get.
I don't exactly know where you can buy this and the exact price because I got this as a gift from my boyfriend's mother.
I really like this product, though I doubt I'll buy this again because I'm always trying out different shampoos!


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