Thursday, 12 February 2015

Frat Boy Blush

After all this time, I feel like I can finally form a proper opinion about blushes. I've experimented with creams, cream-to-powders and now, finally, I've been trying out this 'oldschool' powder blush. I'm talking about the Fratboy blush by TheBalm.

In the swatch above, I didn't layer the colour up so you could see just how subtle this blush is. I feel like it's a perfect shade for a fair complexion. It just brings back that subtle flush in your evened out complexion. I personally even think I can wear this blush without a full-coverage foundation and not look like a pink mess when my red cheecks return. I don't put it right on my cheecks though, so that may help with this situation.

It's a very pigmented blush, so you don't want to swirl your brush in there like there's no tomorrow. I barely tap my brush in there and then shake off some of the 'excess'. I'm very precautious when it comes to pigmented blushes.

What I really like about this blush (this is more luxury than necessity, I know) is the awesome packaging! It's kind of witty but simple at the same time. No bulgy packaging that takes up too much room, but still chanelling the beautiful spirit of TheBalm.

TheBalm claims that you can also use this blush as an eyeshadow, something I haven't done yet, but I think that it's a very good idea and if you're in the market for a pink eyeshadow and a blush at the same time! It's all about multitasking...

So, do I like this blush? Yes! The only downside is that it's €17.00 (at DI), but I honestly think this blush will last me years and it's great for every occasion!

Have you ever tried a blush from TheBalm? Did you like it?

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  1. The shade is gorgeous, definitely something I would want to try out

    Beauty Candy Loves