Thursday, 19 February 2015

Clarins lipstick

It has been a while since christmas, but this product has been with me since this period. I bought it for myself as a treat after  most of the festivities. What am I talking about, you ask? It's the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in (705) Soft Berry. I picked it up because I wanted a natural, everyday kind of lipstick and isn't Clarins the brand just for that?

Sorry about this lightning, it's still Belgium. And it's winter.
Shade and scent: It's a beautiful soft pink colour with a slight brown hue. It's not too far away from my natural lip colour - on a healthy day. It has a tiny amount of shimmer in it, but they're not chuncky or irritating at all. The scent is very candy-like. A little bit fruity, like strawberries, but more like candy strawberries. I like, but to those who don't like candy-scented lipsticks, you're warned. It doesn't really linger though, so if you really want to give this a go and you're one of the previously described people, you might still like it.

Packaging: So sturdy! It feels heavier than any lipstick I own. I feel like the bottom part has been provided with more weight for added stability so that you can't knock it over as easily. It's also nice and shiny and kind of oval shaped. I really like it and this makes me feel extra luxurious when I get it out for a re-application.

Pigment: Decent pigmentation with one swipe, but optimal when you add another layer. It's a shiny lipstick, so it's not too weird that the first passing isn't as full coverage as I want it to be. Plus, it adds the bonus of being able to wear it even more natural. Not that it's like a gloss, but there's just some natural colour peaking through. If you think about it, how many lipsticks provide their fullest coverage from first swipe?

Feel: After application, my lips feel smooth, moisturised and juicy. Clarins claims that this lipstick should 'plump and hydrate for full, soft and supple lips'. I think they live up to these claims and make my lips feel good and look good.

Lasting-power: When the day goes on, the shine kind of fades of, but the colours certainly stays put and leaves a nice stain. My lips stay moisturised during this period and don't feel like I've been walking through the Sahara. When eating, the colour does disappear a bit in the middle of the lips, but this lipstick is so smooth and natural that I happily re-apply in such circumstances.

Overall opinion: I like it. It a more expensive kind of lipstick - €21.15 at Ici Paris XL - but I think it's worth it. I'd keep it to natural colours though. I've got this feeling that when you buy a darker shade, this formula might be too slippery... But I most certainly will be wearing this a lot.


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