Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nails of the night #3

A colour that's wearable in every season? That's an easy one; Watermelon by Barry M. I've spoken of this nailpolish before in my autumn nailpolishes post (link here). The colour is perfect, but hard to describe. A blue-seaweed-green-ocean-inspired colour maybe?

It's from the Gelly hi-shine range of their polishes, and by shine, they really mean shine. As you can see in these pictures, they reflect the light coming out of my window. I think you can almost see my reflection in them!
I also like the fact that this shade is colourful, yet still dark enough to not make me self conscious while wearing them - I'm a dark polish kind of gal.

The only thing I don't like as much, is the fact that it's not very easy to apply. It doesn't disperse evenly and it takes a long time to dry. Not so handy if you have to go somewhere, but worth it if you've got some spare time and don't need your hands too quickly.

In belgium you can get these Barry M nailpolishes at River Island and they are really affordable (around 5 euros). They wear beautifully (I apply a new topcoat daily to prolong the wear), so I really think they're worth checking out!


  1. Been wanting to try out these Salley Hansen nail polishes !! They look amazing!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


    1. They're actually Barry M ;p but sally hansen is high on my list as well!
      Soefay X