Monday, 19 January 2015

Concealer Battle

Undereye-darkness is something I struggle with one the daily, but right now I feel like I am battling them harder than ever. In my 'Sick face' post I have already talked about this Bobbi Brown Corrector, But since this one is already pretty used, I thought I'd go on a mission to hunt down another concealer with the same purpose, but with a more affordable price tag. That's when I picked up Catrice's Camouflage Cream.
Catrice camouflage cream - Bobbi Brown corrector

Bobbi Brown - Corrector: I've got the shade Light Bisque (one of the palest) chosen out for me at a Bobbi Brown counter, and it's a great match. It isn't too obvious when I wear it alone, but it's recommended to use underneath a brightening concealer.
Catrice - Camouflage Cream: From this one I picked up the shade (025) Rosy Sand, which is the darkest one. The range isn't too impressive as you can tell. I picked up this shade because I thought it had the best chance of covering up the darkness and when I wear it, it isn't too obvious. I do sometimes cover it up with another concealer as well, though.

Bobbi Brown - Correcter: This product is very smooth and not too sticky. It blends nicely and feels lightweight.
Catrice - Camouflage Cream: The consistency of this one a a lot thicker. You can probably see this a little bit from the picture above. Nonetheless I get this blended out fairly easily and it looks not too thick after that process.

Bobbi Brown - Correcter: Wears beautifully, as expected from a product at this pricepoint. It stays put all day and doesn't crease (except ofcourse when I use it with a bad powder, but then it's the powder that settles)
Catrice - Camouflage Cream: Also wears surprisingly well. Ofcourse it doesn't stay as beautiful as long, but I was pleasently surprised. When I had both of these products on at the same time (yes, I did that) and I asked a friend which side she liked better (don't I sound like a fun friend), she really had to take her time before she could decide (she chose the bobbi brown side)! Yes, it creases more, but only after a while!

Extra bits
Bobbi Brown - Correcter: has 1.4gr in it, costs €28.50 (at parfuma), comes with a mirror in the lid. Packaging is sturdy.
Catrice - Camouflage Cream: has 3gr in it (double the amount!), costs €2.99 (at kruidvat). Packaging feels cheaper and has a screw off lid, which makes it easy to get lost.

Personally, I like the texture, colour and wear from the bobbi brown corrector better, but when I run out, I might not repurchase it. It is a luxury product and after this comparison, I think I can live with the camouflage cream for a while. Until I find something else to try out, that is.

I hope you find this post helpful and if you have any undereye concealer recommendations, don't forget to tell me!


  1. I love the Bobbi Brown concealor and I actually have a post scheduled tomorrow about it! haha I do grudge spending the money on it however for a good product that actually does the job I want I think I can just about justify the price tag! :)

    Great post!! :)

    Zoe |

    1. I look forward to reading your thoughts on it! ;) and yes, it works lovely, but I like to find those hidden affordable gems as well ^^
      Soefay x

  2. Haven't tried the Bobbi crown corrector yet, definitely need to give it a try

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It's really worth it if you want to pamper yourself ;)
      Soefay x