Thursday, 22 January 2015

Another Foundation?

Today I come to you with yet another foundation post. I am keen on trying out many different ones so that in the end, I may find that perfect gemstone drugstore foundation. Whenever I see a promotion, I snatch one up so I might try it in the future. This time it's the All matte plus - shine control make up foundation by Catrice (who else) I'm testing out.

When I picked this foundation up, I was wondering why I hadn't done so last time, because this one caters much more towards my needs than the Photo finish foundation (review here).

First off, it's oil free. If there's one thing my skin requires, it's that. And then it's got shine-fighting properties? I'm sold. Now, did it perform as well as they promised me? Well, I'll tell you.

When I first applied this foundation I was pleasently surprised by the coverage and the way it looked on my skin. It's not a harsh matte foundation, but a velvety matte one. It doesn't have a fragrance and it evened everything out nicely. Next thing I was surprised with, after a couple of hours, was the wear. It stayed nice and not too shiny all day and I felt like it really delivered some good oil-combat work! I think this does live up to it claims!

After continuous wear I am still impressed by this foundation and really recommend it if you have oily skin. I wouldn't wear it if you have dry skin, because I could see it settle in my dry patches. Those are as good as gone now, so I'm good.

Like the other one, this foundations retails for €6.59 and is found at Kruidvat. Have you tried this foundation or any other ones by catrice before? I think I can safely say it's my favorite affordable brand!

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