Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Limited Edition Alert!

If you were wondering what falls into my 'urgent' category while reading my nails of the night post, this might clear things up. I need to tell you about the newest trend edition of Essence. Trend Edition is their term for limited edition and this one only lasts until the end of december! I'll try to keep things short, but this one, called Come to Town has got me very excited and not only because it's christmas themed

eye pencil (02) naughty or nice - eye pencil (01) make a wish - eye quatro (02) naughty or nice
EYES - Eye Pencil

This is what drew me to this range in the first place. Those colours looked bomb and they are so affordable I thaught it wouldn't matter if they weren't that good. I picked up (01) make a wish, which is a golden shade and (02) naughty or nice, which is a dark purple. They go on really smooth, but since they are not a longlasting formula, smudging is going to happen. So don't rub your eyes while wearing this!

Not too long ago I did a review about the bright box by essence, complaining a bit about the pigmentation. This quatro on the other hand has shocked me with the amount of pigmentation these shadows have! I didn't need to dip my brush in 10 times before I got the intensity I wanted and the shimmers in here are not chunky at all but feel very smooth when swatched. It's also more shimmery than glittery, which I like. I picked this up in the colour (02) naughty or nice. Okay, maybe the colour names aren't that original, but the products with the same name really have the same colour and can be paired like a charm! I even topped of my eye pencil with the corresponding eyeshadows to extend their wear.

no mascara added, just so you know.

CHEECKS - Cream Blush

This product isn't as impressive as the other two, but it is a very interesting one indeed. See that dent in the picture above? That's where I pushed my finger in the blush. Yes you heard it. It's a clay-type blush. It's what I imagine the maybelline dream bouncy blushes to feel like - though I never touched one because you can't get it in Belgium. I picked up the shade (02) wrapped in pink because it's a shade I don't own yet. Pigmentation wise, I wasn't impressed. I used my elf small stipple brush to apply this, but after blending it had almost disappeared on me as you can see in the picture below.

Are you planning on picking up any products from this line? And what do you think about a blush like this? It kinda freaked me out...

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