Thursday, 4 December 2014

Anti Redness Battle

I have talked a lot about budget friendly products, so I can finally talk about a  splurge without feeling too bad about it. I got the Clinique redness solutions foundation for my birthday because I had been drooling over it for a very long time indeed. Yes, it's a very expensive foundation, but I found that it's the perfect one for my skintype.

Now - what is my skintype? I've got a weird one for my age. It's described as acne rosacea in medical terms, but in my terms it's just red, irritated, oily skin.Though it's in a good state right now, we've been disputing over the years. I thank it's not-as-red-as-it-used-to-be-ness to going to the dermatologist who has helped me understand it better and help me treat it through skincare, facials and a little bit of medication.

left: without foundation - right: with foundation
All this skintype-chatter aside, let's talk about the foundation. It claims to calm and smooth the skin, while at the same time covering up the redness rosacea causes. As you can see on the picture above, my skin look flawless with the foundation on. I also didn't feel any irritation while wearing it and the wear is longer than all my other - cheaper - foundations. Another thing is that I didn't get as greasy as I normally would! Yep, I am one happy bunny indeed.

 One thing I wished there was, is a lighter shade in the range - I have the shade (01) Calming Alabaster. As you can see it's not a complete match for me and I want to be as pale as possible - I'm weird like that. It's subtle though, so I really don't mind a lot. BUT! on their (belgian) website, they don't sell my shade! Is it being discontinued? I sure hope not!

Do I think it's worth it's money? Yes. But saying that, this is the only high-end foundation I have ever bought since it was directly purposed for my skintype. So if you do have rosacea, go for it, this is one splurge you won't regret. You have to do some research before you buy it though, I found it in INNO for a more affordable price than even on the website!

Do you have a favorite splurge-foundation? Or any tips on foundations for rosacea-skin?

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