Monday, 24 August 2015

NYX's Eyeshadow Base

Summer is still going strong and my lips are still parched. This means I'm upping my eyeshadow game. What does one need then? A good eyeshadow base that keeps my eyelids from going oily and make them colours pop! So I picked up the Eyeshadow Base in White by NYX to see if it made any difference.

I was expecting this base to be extremely pigmented, but when applied on the eye it not that white, but it does create a nice canvas to apply some shadow. A slight white overcast that's clingy enough to hold on to whatever you put on to and make it stand out even more. It's not too clingy though, so it doesn't affect your eyeshadow application or make it look patchy.

Wear-wise; my eyeshadow didn't get extremely oily or creased. I have to say that it doesn't perform as good as the Benefit Stay don't stray, but that's almost impossible to me. The colours of your eyeshadow do stay (and start of) more vibrant for a longer time, so I'd say this is a good alternative, especially when you're someone who likes to wear colourful eyeshadow.

Sofie x

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