Monday, 27 July 2015

An elixir for your lips

Let's talk nudes. And glosses. Two things that I never really loved in the past. But I was gifted this Color Elixir in the shade (720) Nude Illusion  by Maybelline and got to try it out. It's been hyped up in the past, so I was quite excited to put them to the test.

In the swatch you can see it's a beautiful orangey nude. It's actually really pretty and could suit my skintone. Why could? Well, as you can see, the formula isn't pigmented enough to compete against my lips. I can get it to work after putting on more layers, but that gets too gloopy and thick that it really isn't enjoyable as well.

So the formula is thick. And slippery. And should be moisturising but isn't very moisturising. Because I need a lot of moisture. Because it's part balm, you'd think it would be great for those days that your lips are dry and a bit chapped, but no. It really accentuates the cracks and lines on your lips

Also, it smells horribly sweet. And that means a lot, coming from me. It just seems they tried to cover up a smell that they don't want you to know about by adding a ton of sugar inspired scents. I don't mind scented lip products, but it's just too much...

Wear-wise; also not too great.  But there was no claim to live up to, so I can't say they cheated me on that one.

I don't think this product is worth the hype. But maybe it's because it's a lighter shade? Those are always hit and miss at the drugstore it seems. I don't think I'll buy another one to try it out though...

Sofie x

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  1. It's too bad there are so many poor points with this gloss. Your swatch makes it seem like it would be such a nice colour! But on the other hand, the swatch also looks a bit goop-y.


    1. I know D: I think it would have been one of the best nudes if the formula was better :s