Monday, 15 June 2015

More eyebrow madness!

I think that you might have noticed that I love me some eyebrow products. It's safe to say that eyebrows where one of the first things I really got interested in after the usual mascara and eye pencils. I'm naturally blonde but dye my hair brown because I think the blonde makes my red cheecks even more red. But doing so, my eyebrows tend to dissappear because they are rather light. That's why I'm always interested in more eyebrow products and always will be.

But let's talk business now. I picked up this Make Me Brow tinted brow gel in the shade (02) Browny Brows by Essence because it reminded me of my trusty Gimme Brow by Benefit.

upper: 'naked' brow - lower; with the tinted gel

As you can see in the picture above, this product provides a natural tint on your brows. It does contain fibers, but I don't think they add anything to the fullness of my brows (probably due to the more 'wet' formula). I personally think that my brows are full enough (just not the right shade) to pull this off, certainly on a natural day. But if you have sparse areas in the eyebrow region you wont to see closed up, this tinted brow gel won't do the trick on its own.

The spoolie is very narrow, small and doesn't pick up too much product so it's really easy to apply. Great for those mornings you are in a hurry but still have eyebrows that look presentable on your forehead.

left: essence; make me brow - right: benefit; gimme brow

Comparison time!
First thing first; The spoolie. You can see in the picture above that the essence spoolie is a bit longer and in an almost straight spoolie-shape, while the benefit one is more cone shaped and shorter. This really isn't that big of a difference since they both apply really easily.

Formula-wise, I think that the essence one is a lot more liquidy than the benefit one, which is good and bad. The good thing is that it doesn't pick up too much product when you take it out of the tube, the bad thing is that it doesn't add those fibers to your brows. The opposite goes for the benefit brow gel.

The shades are very similar, though the benefit is a bit darker and cooler than the essence one, but that really doesn't show on the eyebrows. They're both pretty good in that departement.

Bottom line? If you want the whole package of fuller, darker brows that stay in place in one tube, you might want to go with the Benefit Gimme Brow - you have to be careful while applying though, since the spoolie can pick up too much product. But if you just want one to darken up your brows and fix them, you can easily go for the Essence Make Me Brow, which is a fraction of the price. I recommend doing the latter and just filling them babies in with a pencil (like my favourite Soap&Glory one) on days where you want to oomph up your brow game.

Sofie x

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  1. I am obsessed with these eyebrow gel mascaras from Essence they are amazing !