Thursday, 7 May 2015

Waterproof Eyeshadow?

Isn't it a beautiful daydream to think that you can go out in either the heat or the rain and not have all your makeup melt off your face? Well, to me it is at least. I'm extremely oily on every part of my face, no exception for my eyelids. So when I saw these Colorband Eyeshadow & Liner  by Bourjois with a 'Smudge Proof' claim, I knew I had to take a closer look.

(02) Brun dadaïste - (03) Beige minimaliste

I picked up a beautiful, deep brown shade called (02) Brun dadaïste and a simple, pinky nude shade called (03) Beige minimaliste.
First off; aren't these just beautiful? A bit of shimmer, but not too much and just that brown, though. I think I swatched it about ten times before finally diving in and buying them.

When used as an eyeshadow, you can just apply it all over your lid and blend it in with your fingers (or a stiff brush, if desired). I do find that it loses some of it's intensity this way, but building up is the way to go with this product! Why blend it out then, you may think? Well, If you don't I think it still kind of creases in my hooded-eyelid-fold. But when applied and blended, it does stay beautiful for a long while.

In the picture above I used Beige minimaliste on the moving lid and Brun dadaïste in the outer corner and into the crease. I think this provides a natural look but with just that little extra. I've also been using Brun dadaïste  on it's own (or maybe with beige minimaliste in the lower waterline) on my 'lazy makeup days' and I love the way it makes my blue eyes pop.

I only tend to use this pencil as a liner in my waterline and it does a great, natural job there. I think it's a bit too chubby when you'd want to use it as a 'true' liner.

What I really love about this product is that it's so easy and quick to use. You don't even need to set it with a powder! Ofcourse, I do use it with some good eyeshadow primer and I've noticed it being slightly less longlasting when applied without, but I think a primer is an essential.

Sofie x

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