Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nails Of The Night #8

It's time to show you my favourite polish for spring.Yes, I am finally embracing that season, though 'embracing' isn't quite the right word. Let's just say I've come to terms with it. Kind of.
Back to the point of this post now; This is the shade In Stitches by Essie and it's a beautiful, brick red with an orange base.

I think this is just a wonderful shade. It's actually not only a spring colour, but it's something that could be worn year round. I just tend to wear it more during the warmer months - probaby because I'm a dark nails kinda gal.

The formula of this polish doesn't really differ from my other Essie nail polishes. Wears nicely, has got some nice shine to it and doesn't chip off my nails in an instant. And of course, it applies like a dream in a minimal amount of coats and you don't have to re-dip your brush into the container a thousand times.

Sounds good enough to you? I suggest you go out, buy it and try it for yourself. This colour will probably suit everyone out there.

Sofie x

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  1. Such a beautiful shade! I've had some bad luck with Essie polishes chipping extremely quickly on my nails so I am always relentless to buy them. But theyre always so beautiful!


    1. I've got that issue with all my nailpolishes because my nails are so brittle :( but essie nail polishes tend to stay on a day longer in average ;p but I wouldn't buy them anymore if they chipped all the time as well ;)

      Sofie x