Monday, 4 May 2015

Inspired by Spring #PrairiePayItForward

Pictures by Lien Depondt

With the flowers in bloom, the trees going green and only the weather left to catch up, I'm really getting into that spring spirit. And what does that mean? Acting like a fairy, ofcourse.Me and my sister got out in our not so sunny garden to shoot some pictures with my melancholic (because of the drizzle) fairy mindset.
I thought this was a great way to talk to you guys about the campaign that Prairie Charms is holding at the moment. Do read on when you want to know how you can support a great cause by buying something you'd really like.

I did say melancholic, right? And yes, I forgot to do my brows and it annoys me too.
 The campaign is actually really simple: from whatever you buy from the Prairie Charms site, 25% of the money gets donated towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I thought this was a well-known good cause, but when asking around I noticed that not many people know what they do.
It's an organisation that grants wishes for children and young people who live with life-threatening conditions. this really strikes a sensitive string to me because I've always struggled with the fact that I can't give people more than I'm capable of doing.
You may not know this, but I'm studying to become a podiatrist and being in a paramedic setting, you hear a lot of stories and experiences where you think 'If only I could...'. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is not an organisation that brings wonders to the world, but it does bring the wonder of happiness to young people and children who might be losing their hope and fighting strength. And I'm not only thinking of the children themselves, but also about the parents. How great is it to see your child smile, even when he or she is in the biggest combat of their lives yet.

In the light of all this, I decided to pick up this beautiful flower headpiece. I've wanted one for so long to channel my inner Lana Del Rey and there couldn't have been a better reason than this one to finally buy one.
Staying in the spring, bohemian spirit, I also picked up these nail stickers. They apply really easily with some tweezers nearby and last incredibly well. I think they compliment this melacholic, bohemian fairy look very well.

If you also want to support this cause, go check out Prairie Charms and see what they have to offer! Everything I received is really good quality and they got so much more! From washi tape and bobbi pins (see bellow) to bows and treat bags! Even straws!

I'll end this post with a pick for the makeup addicts: this was the eye look I went for to accompany the look described above. The darkness on my lower lash line is actually a dark plummy purple.

Sofie x

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