Thursday, 2 April 2015

Catrice Defining Blush

Ah - the beauty of a blush. I'm really getting more and more into them lately and I think it has to do with the fact that I'm finally using a very nice concealer which covers up my redness during the day. Enough of chitter chatter, I present to you the Defining Blush in (090) Mandy-rine by Catrice - ofcourse.

This is the kind of blush I'll grab when I want something natural yet 'different' than all the pinky blushes. It's a very soft, light coral shade, which adds a flush of colour to your face without being too much. It most certainly is a perfect blush for the paler girls (or guys)!

Pigmentation wise, this is an absolute winner! I find that I even have to be careful when I apply this because after one swipe in this product, your brush will have picked up a lot of prodct. I tend to tap off the excess for the perfect amount - but certainly don't swirl your brush in there like there's no tomorrow!

It has a very soft texture and is not powdery at all. I find it applies evenly and has great staying power as well! It blends beautifully and you can build it up as much as you want to! Again, it's better to build it up than to start with a lot and then having to go through the trouble of blending it in.

I really want to try other colours of this range, but this is the only one that really spoke to me in the store. Blushes aren't like pok√©mon, you know... But if you think about it and you know they're only €3.59... Why not?

Have you tried a blush from this line? Is there a shade you'd recommend?


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